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December 20, 2019 16:00 - 21:00​

Celebrate your hard work and contribution to the blockchain industry. TokenPost is a leading provider of news on distributed ledger technology and strives to keep readers abreast of the latest trends and technology developments in the blockchain industry. We provide unbiased and up-to-date information from numerous sources to deliver well-balanced and objective news with a creative and novel perspective.

As a vital outlet for information sharing and learning, TokenPost is opening a new chapter in the blockchain media sector by serving the public and enthusiasts, going beyond the limited role of just another news provider in the blockchain sphere.

As part of this effort, TokenPost will host Decentralized People’s Awards Korea 2019 (DPA) to celebrate the achievements of companies and individuals who have contributed to the development and innovation of the blockchain technology. As a follow up to Blockchain Open Forum 2018, the largest blockchain conference of 2018 in South Korea, DPA will become a household name for blockchain awards.

DPA will focus on identifying and bringing to light individuals and enterprises that have helped advance our society by innovating and implementing the blockchain technology in their fields. Noteworthy projects and pioneers will be selected and voted for by the people as the decentralized voice. Joined by the most sought after experts and entrepreneurs in the current blockchain scene, Decentralized People’s Awards 2019 will also provide a special opportunity to network and promote further discussion into the future of the blockchain technology.

Winner selection process

One can nominate the person he/she wants to nominate. He/she can nominate himself/herself as well.

2019/08/01 ~ 2019/10/17

Conduct a large-scale public vote.
(Voting power: 50%)

2019/10/18 ~ 2019/11/08

Evaluation process from committee members of the host (voting power: 30%) and related association (voting power: 20%).

2019/11/13 ~ 2019/11/20

Announce the award winners synthesizing the result of the public vote and the evaluation result from committee members of the host organization and related association.


 We are going to announce winners

at the ceremony awards!

Award categories

All of the winners will be granted the exclusive right to use the DPA mark on their marketing materials such as websites, publications, products and so on.

Members of the jury

Key nominees

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People's Voice

Please leave comments freely related to Decentralized People's Awards 2019 !
(DPA  2019 에 대해  자유롭게 의견을 남겨주세요!)


Decentralized People's

Awards 2019


December 20, 2019


Imperial Palace

Hotel Seoul

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